• Raising children goes hand in hand with a wide range of problems - but perhaps the most important of them is to ensure their safety, even if they are out of sight. Fortunately, with the help of GPS trackers for children, the task of parents is somewhat easier.

    As they grow up, children will want to expand the functionality of the gadget and come up with their own rules. If the child is on a walk with his family in the park or on a school trip, the device will provide an additional opportunity not to worry about him. And if a child is just starting to go to kindergarten or high school, GPS watches for children and other GPS technologies help to track the child's whereabouts, without being too intrusive, giving you peace of mind every parent dreams of.

    We have compiled a list of the best GPS trackers for children in the current market so that you can make the right choice of a device suitable for a child’s lifestyle.

    What you should pay attention to when choosing a child GPS tracker

    Finding the right tracker for a child can be a serious problem. It is useful to understand which functions are most important and which are not needed at all. If you are looking for a child’s GPS fossil watch or a GPS tracker that can be carried in your pocket, you need to know that such a device will meet all your expectations.

    We present the most important properties that you should pay attention to when choosing a children's GPS tracker for your family.

    Activity trackers and pedometers for kids


    When choosing a device for children it is extremely important to be sure that the device is convenient and easy to use.


    Many trackers determine the recommended age of users. In addition, you should pay attention to the size of the buttons and how easy it is for the child to answer you or ask for help with their small fingers and whether they can put on and take off the device themselves. If you are worried about losing tracker, choose models with anti-hacking function.


    The best scenario is when the tracker for kids holds a charge for several days. The higher the performance of the tracker (requiring daily charging), the sooner you will have to leave home without it or with a dead battery.


    You can’t track the child’s whereabouts if the device is with him. Make sure that the material is flexible and does not irritate delicate skin, and that the device must be adjusted so that it can be worn safely and comfortably.


    Since the device will accompany the child in all the adventures, it is necessary that it be able to withstand any punishment.


    Choose a stronger material that can stand everything. Durable strap and unbreakable dial can prevent troubles associated with sports activities for everyday use.


    Children usually have dirty hands, which means they should be washed more often. While some devices are completely waterproof, all other models must be able to resist water and splash.


    Children's watches and trackers are equipped with a variety of signals and calls, which allows you to stop the fun and adjust the functions that are really able to protect the child.


    You add yourself more peace of mind by setting security zones around the perimeter and alerts of the virtual fence. A virtual fence allows you to constantly be aware of where your child is and warns you if he has left the marked boundaries.


    If you just want to track the location of a child who is nearby, or who went to visit her grandmother, then you need a tracker that works in this particular range and at the required distance. Keep in mind that devices that only work with Bluetooth often have a limited range and therefore are best used for close distances.


    Baby devices are available with different notification and alert settings. Some are updated and show the location every five minutes, and others - every ten seconds. Consider how often you want to receive updates and what settings are needed for different circumstances.


    If the child is lost or scared, all he needs to do is press the SOS button or the panic button to immediately alert you and other rescue services that he needs help. For children who are left alone after school or independently get to places of extracurricular activities, this function will allow you and your child to be protected.


    Sometimes all you need is to know the child’s whereabouts, but sometimes parents need to talk to him. If the communication function is so necessary, a two-way communication device will be the ideal solution.


    One of the best ways to ensure that a child will wear a device is to make it interesting. Some children's devices are equipped with games and a reward system to entice young people and get them to wear the device daily. Just make sure the games don't distract the child from school.


    The device for determining the location of the child will not do any good if it is not accurate to take readings and will not be able to determine where the child is. See how well the child tracker will be able to locate the child and whether there are any restrictions when updating or whether the data in the room is not accurately determined i.e royal watches.


    If you want to know exactly where your child is, do not save on the device. If it is so important to track where your child is, make sure that the device you choose offers all the necessary functions and is completely safe.


    It may be difficult to get data if the child is inside. Make sure that the device you choose is suitable for indoor work, especially if the child spends most of the time indoors.



    Being parents is not easy. Being the parent of an autistic child or other illness is even harder. There are many cases where children with disabilities were lost and could not find their way. The AngelSense device was created specifically to protect these children. Along with the many functions that help in tracking a child — from the security zone to a 30-second update — AngelSense allows parents to listen to how their child’s day is going and to make sure that they do not offend, neglect or lose it.

    GPS Tracker AngelSense Kids

    Read the story of one mom who used the AngelSense kids' GPS tracker.



    You can talk to your child at any time and he will not need to press any buttons to talk.

    The device allows you to listen to everything that happens to the child throughout the day.
    30-Second Update
    Watch what happens to your child with a diary that enters information every thirty seconds.


    High Monthly Payments

    The great features of AngelSense are quite expensive. It is planned to start at $ 30, and then everything will depend on whether you pay immediately or in installments.
    Distinctive features: for children with disabilities,
    AngelSense is the only device on the market for children with autism and other disabilities. Its capabilities are much wider than traditional GPS trackers.


    Compliance with the interests of most children - starting with topics for talking and ending with fashionable clothes. And although GPS trackers for children come in various shapes and sizes, the hereo clock tends to an aesthetic ideal. A variety of bright colors will satisfy the taste of any child, and the non-bulky design makes it comfortable for everyday wear. With real-time tracking, alerts, the ability to set a security zone, history of locations and much more, you will get the safest and most fashionable device.


    Alert about hacking and blocking

    It has an alert function that notifies all family members if the device disappears and an additional blocking function for children who do not want to wear it.
    Real-Time Tracking
    You can use the hereO application to update information about the child’s whereabouts.
    Suitable for a small wrist
    . While most devices are either too bulky or large for a child's wrist, this tracker is ideal for a child of three years of age.



    Too high price of the device is a stumbling block for most parents, given that it lacks the two-way communication function.
    Distinctive features: can be used with all operators The
    built-in SIM card uses the cellular communication signal of all operators, so you can always track your child.



    Children love rewards - and now GPS watches can help you in promoting their good behavior. AmbyGear watches do not just track the child’s location - they entertain him throughout the day with games and educational activities. Every time your child does something correctly, the watch awards him a reward in the form of reward or extra points. And unlike other children's devices for tracking the location, this device allows the child to find out where you are. This feature can be useful at any time when a child is frightened or panicked.


    System Benefits
    Children can gain points for those activities that you have set them, and then they can be
    exchanged for prizes.
    Calendar application
    Set up reminders so that the child is always and everywhere on time.
    Educational activities
    The device is equipped with many different educational programs that can teach a child to be more responsible.


    Distraction moment
    With so many fun functions of the device, the child can be constantly distracted and
    can not concentrate on the main thing .